It all started in 1997 when Lawrence Mullin the professional actor with a passion for helping people perform with impact was introduced to John Bennett, a successful businessman, by Bob Dunsby at Oracle.

Together they formed The Talking Trade.

December 2012

John and Lawrence chose to follow separate paths after working closely together for fifteen years. Both companies stand on the exact same values and beliefs.The difference for Lawrence is now he is free to get more involved in the sales process within his customers and is happy to work with in house trainers and training departments to deliver programmes that bring performance technique and sales methodology together.


Lawrence Mullin

Lawrence is a professional actor and a graduate of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He has experience of both television and live theatre. More importantly, he knows how to help people develop the ability to perform themselves and do it with impact (and a lack of fear) irrespective of the audience or their surroundings.

Lawrence is one of the founder directors of The Talking Trade and is involved in designing and running all of the programmes The Talking Trade delivers.


Eamonn Ward - Training & Development Consultant
"A finer handsome, intelligent and witty Irishman you never will meet." (His own words)

Eamonn Ward has a passion for helping sales people and sales organisations evolve and transform to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.

 Eamonn's background as a Technologist thought him a lot about how large multinational IT organisations struggle to talk their customers language and help them realise the true value their solutions can bring to their customers business. At the age of 28 Eamonn was the Technology Training Programme Manager for Oracle EMEA with responsibility for all Technology training for Oracle's field sales, partner sales and internet sales divisions across the EMEA region.

Eamonn has a solid understanding of complex selling processes, what works and what doesn't and has achieved this through working with thousands of sales people in companies like Oracle, HP, Dell, Apple and Infosys. "Spending a huge amount of my time over the last 10 years with all manners of sales people has taught me a lot about what makes sales people tick, how they best create value for customers, and what is the makeup of a successful sales person in today's challenging sales environment."

Realising that there is no time to stand still in today's world, Eamonn has constantly sought to hone and improve his skills as a facilitator, consultant and trainer by constantly seeking counsel and advice from fellow consultants, leaders of major organisations and of course those people who bring the most, the training attendees themselves.

Added to all that Eamonn has also achieved a Graduate Diploma in Training and Development from the University of Limerick, is a certified facilitator of Infomentis Opportunity Management, and is part of the Oracle Value selling training faculty.

Eamonn's main skills revolve around helping large IT organisations design innovative training solutions to key business needs and challenges. To this end he has helped companies like Oracle develop programmes around partner selling, winning against key competitors, technology selling and upselling and cross-selling.

He enjoys the challenges this ever changing world brings us and has enjoyed travelling the world meeting and learning from the people who drive the IT selling industry.


Declan Tryroll


Martin Goodman - UNOE Ltd Director - Current

Much of my business life has been spent on understanding the business environment in which I operate, analysing how best to improve performance and getting all stakeholders on board to implement sustainable change.
I have a wide expertise, covering in depth knowledge of business strategy and transformational change, HR, finance, as well as business operation. My long sales experience equipped me to lead sales teams, delivering beyond their targets year on year, as well as driving innovative marketing programmes.

Business success depends on the quality and motivation of people. I have the ability to identify people who can be winners regardless of discipline and help them develop their talents. I have been told many times that I am a great mentor, providing clear incisive and frank advice to people.

I have a high entrepreneurial style with a clear track record of taking on poor or underperforming businesses and transforming them to success. I evoke a high energy, exciting operating environment.

  • Providing consultancy to various clients in the ICT industry
  • Mentoring key individuals
  • Sales coaching


Kevin Carvill of Carvill Creative

Formed in 2002, Carvill Creative is a Marketing, Social Media and Web Design agency providing an effective orchestrated approach to online visibility - across websites, blogs and social media channels.

In marketing communications everything has changed, yet in many ways, nothing has changed. Staying true to core methodologies, the team at Carvill Creative have embraced the very latest thinking and technologies to ensure they’re always on top of their game.

It's this mix of continuous learning and a strong underpinning that has enabled them to blend traditional marketing and design with the very latest marketing thinking, creating a highly effective combination.

Their experience and energy, mixed with their ethos to deliver a personal and very hands-on quality service, means that over the years, they've been fortunate to enjoy long and happy client relationships.

Teri Ellison, Director, Combined Differences Ltd

Teri is an independent Senior HR consultant working with clients to deliver experienced Human Resourcing Services, coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation  She works with businesses that are looking to drive and focus their leadership teams, ensuring they are working effectively together in one direction, enabling growth of the business.
Teri specialises in helping organisations, their leaders/managers and individual employees cope successfully with business growth, personal growth and significant changes affecting the organisation.  For the last 15 years Teri has worked for organisations within the IT sector, and most recently at SAP UK and Ireland, holding HR Director roles in Microsoft, Avanade and SAP.

Teri is an expert in identifying how coaching and facilitation can be used to assist organisations in the development of their leaders and managers ensuring alignment with business objectives as well as helping the business to derive value through the full cycle of strategy to execution. She also specialises in working with businesses to build a people agenda into their strategy ensuring that the business has the capability and structures to fulfil its vision.

Teri specialise in coaching HR functions on maximising the experience of HR to the business, also as a strong  Change Agent, she took the SAP UK Board (as a team) and the company through a significant transformation journey, whilst continuing to ensure focus was on business and personal growth.  She has also held other HR positions at Cable and Wireless, Microsoft, ICL, Fujitsu and Avanade.

With experience in facilitation of strategy and business planning, executive/management coaching, training and development, recruitment strategies, change management, employment law and continued personal development, Teri has a rare combination of commercial experience (having come from the business in leadership) and management roles that can assist any organisation to meet its growth objectives.


John Whatton - who the heck is he?

I'm the (sort of) technical guy who is supposed to lurk at the back of Lawrence's video shoots and, very quietly, ensure that things run smoothly. But, wallpaper not being my middle name, I'm prone to step to the front on many occasions and make my opinions known.

Lawrence, for his part, takes this in the best of grace; because he knows that I truly share his passion, which is to make the person in front of the camera come across to his or her audience  in the best possible way.

Truth is, I'm far from being just a techie,- although I did start in the business as a cameraman, a long  way back when most of the equipment was steam driven. And, to be fair, I still make a very good living with cameras (which I now own) and do have something of a reputation for my lighting skills.

However, there's been a lot of water under the proverbial since those dark days at the Beeb. I've written, produced, and directed a whole bunch of programmes - even winning awards for corporate productions in the days when this meant more than a collection of "talking heads". I've also run a small production company in Soho and one of London's most successful equipment rental houses.

So, I could perhaps be pigeonholed as a Jack-of-all-video-trades; but I do like to believe that I have mastered a fair few of them.

If you have been beguiled into thinking that you need to find out more, please take a look at my website You can watch a few video clips, be amazed at the range of blue chip/Fortune 500 companies on my client list  and even see what a few of them have to say about the dubious pleasure of working with me and my team. I hope you enjoy it…


Michael Mullin

Double graduate with a BA Hon’s in Theology from Durham. His second degree is in Law from the college of Law in London. He now is working as a criminal Barrister in Staple Inn Chancery lane. Michael when his court time allows brings unique skills into the talking trade as a facilitator trainer and brings incites from the world of the court room that resonate very clearly in the world of business.


James Mcgregor

Is an actor and graduate of the Bristol old Vic Theatre school. He is a skilled improviser and very capable coach. He specialises in sharing the craft skills of the actor with business people. James has been working with Lawrence at The Talking Trade for 2 years, and is proud to be a member of the training team.

From 2005 to 2008, James studied at the University of Birmingham, gaining a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts.

He then went on to train at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for 2 years in Professional Acting, graduating in 2010.

Whilst training, he signed with a top London talent agency, and has since worked across all platforms of the industry for the BBC, ITV, Aardman, History Chanel and BBC Radio 4 to name but a few. He has also appeared on stage in various venues around London and the UK.

Theatre includes: ‘Dinner’ (Barons Court Theatre) ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ (The Globe/Borough Market) ‘The Hairy Ape’ (Southwark Playhouse) ‘The Alchemist’ (White Bear Theatre), ‘The Merchant Of Venice’ (The Rose Theatre, Bankside), ‘Hamlet Smith’ (Nursery Festival, Southwark), ‘The Eight: Reindeer Monologues’ (Above The Stag Theatre), ‘Palace Balls’ (Jermyn Street Theatre).

TV includes: ‘The Great Train Robbery: A Copper’s Tale’ (BBC) ‘Emmerdale’ (ITV 1), ‘Waking The Dead’ (BBC 1).

Radio & Voiceover includes: ‘2 Pipe Problems’ (BBC Radio 4), ‘The Tate Movie Project’ (Aardman Animations/Tate Modern), and voiceings for Dolby Digital and Not To Scale


Gill Branthwaite of Solar Support

Gilly is the administrator and PA to The Talking Trade. Gilly is totally trustworthy and always willing to help any member of the team or any of our customers who need our help.


Denisa Panaite Casu

Denisa Panaite Casu is an enthusiastic training professional who found her calling in this industry in 2000.
Working through high school as a radio presenter for 2 years, she discovered the art of voice performance which she went on to successfully apply in sales for a couple of years.
While as a teenager she challenged the teaching methods in the public education system, she was later on happy to discover that professional training can make a learning experience much more interesting, relevant and fun!

Invested 5 years of her life as a training consultant (at BPP Professional Education), then jumped over to the client's side (3 years at Oracle University and 5 years with METRO Cash & Carry). Thus, for the following 8 years, she explored what happens before and after training, how decisions of relevance are made, was involved in several change management projects and had the opportunity to observe many training professionals in action.

She then decided upon her favourite, so here we are! 
With an educational background in organisational psychology and marketing, Denisa has over 12 years experience in developing and facilitating successful training programmes and she can't get enough of it! This is just one of the reasons why she is our contact for Romania.