Videos and Audio Files

Below are a series of videos and audiofiles available for download, that will bring you the the flavour of The Talking Trade workshops and demonstrate the incredible tools that can be used in getting your message across in the business world.

The full videos are £10 each or you can purchase all 6 for £50.

We also have the Voice Gym the Relaxation Session as audio files available for download at £1.99 each.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Video 1 The Talking Trade

The Talking Trade are a coaching and training organisation that brings the techniques of the professional actor into the world of business.

Price £10.00

Video 2 The Voice Gym

This is where we discover the intimate relationship between breathing, speaking and anxiety and how they are linked.

Price £10.00

Video 3 Looking at movement

This module looks at how movement can really help your impact on delivering your message to an audience.

Price £10.00

Video 4 A recap on rules

This module deals with the performing rules you will have learned up to now from the previous workshop sessions.

Price £10.00

Video 5 Telling stories

The telling of stories is the oldest and most powerful communication tool that we can use to get an audience to remember our message.

Price £10.00

Video 6 The 'Passion Speech'

The Passion Speech is a summation of skills learned from The Talking Trade workshops by the delgates themselves, and a powerful demsonstration of the way your message can be conveyed.

Price £10.00