Our values

The Talking Trade prides itself in upholding the following values:


We are open, frank and candid with our feedback.

Our feedback is always constructive – we are here to coach you.
 Our programmes are tough but fun. We believe that if you enjoy the experience with us you will be far more open to learning and trying new ideas.


We know how challenging some of the workshop activities are – we’ve been there ourselves in our earlier careers.
 We focus on your strengths and what will improve your performance.
You will be stretched, but never pushed.


We believe trust is fundamental to any successful relationship. Trust can only be earned through actions.

If we say we’ll do something, we always do it.

After your programme is complete we delight in hearing how you are getting on.

Flexibilty, openness and fun are the essential attitudes that engage and motivate us to deliver for our clients

Integrity and trust are earned by what we do. We look forward to proving our integrity and earning your trust.

Truth is the sum total of our lives experiences. Drawing on that truth is a foundation on which we all stand.

The Talking Trade are proud to be supporters of the NSPCC.